community rules

noplace is where you want to be. it's a place to find your people, connect on common interests, be fun and be funny, and maybe a lil unhinged.


noplace is for everyone 13+ and by being on here, you AGREE to treat it as such.

we're like a pg-13 movie. most things are fine but lots of other stuff is NOT FINE:

rule 1: nothing nsfw

rule 2: no promotion of violence, gore, or other scary stuff

rule 3: no hate speech, no slurs, no racism, no bigotry, no misogyny, no bullying of any kind

rule 4: no doxxing (it’s not just not cool, it’s actually illegal and we will report you)

rule 5: no grooming, exploitation, or sexualization of minors

rule 6: no harassment of any kind, no sexual harassment

rule 7: no misinformation or fake news

rule 8: no promotion of self harm, and especially no jokes or suggestions to another noplacer about self harm

rule 9: no promotion of drugs, alcohol, or other illicit things

rule 10: no obnoxious spamming or trolling

rule 11: no misrepresenting your identity in a deceptive or harmful way (like creating fake profiles to impersonate an individual, group, or organization)

rule 12: no unapproved marketing content from outside brands or too many promos - we’ll consider it spam

ultimately the rule is we want noplace to stay noplace — this means we WILL take down anything we feel goes against the spirit of noplace.

posts and profiles that violate these rules WILL be deleted.

repeat offenders WILL be deleted and banned and voted off the island sorry not sorry!

PLS NOTE — it's VERY LIKELY that sometimes someone will post something that you don’t like. that's kind of what happens on the internet. and THAT DOES NOT MEAN necessarily it's against the rules. unfriending and blocking are here for a reason.

ok thats it! lets get back to noplacing now! 🤍